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A common reason we meditate is to experience greater ease in life. Unwanted, undesirable, and unexpected events arise all the time, triggering reactivity that can lead to feelings of stress, disrupt focus, and compromise our well-being. A natural tendency is to look outward to fix the problem. And often we can bring about short term changes that temporarily soothe the discomfort brought about by the unpleasant event.

A powerful insight that the meditative practice enlivens in us as that it is our resistance to the event, not necessarily the event itself, that creates the lions share of the discomfort.

A reminder of the role we play in experiencing greater ease in life is that we can change our relationship to the events taking place in our life and that doing so changes its effect on us. The slogan to the Mindful .ME blog--that "Meditation Begins with Me"--is a reminder of this profound insight.

The Mindful .ME Blog offers insights and exercises that allow you cultivate a more mindful way of being in the world.

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